Securing the Future of Local 1-2.

Right now Truth and Justice and its Leadership have a wealth of experience, dedication and education that makes us a force that confronts our Employers, enforces our bargaining agreements and fights tooth and nail for you every day.

Whether it’s a grievance, arbitration or a called time out on a work site, our Agents and Stewards work hard for you.

Local 1-2 has been restored to its rightful place as the best Local in the country.

In the future we will continue to build on this legacy. But we cannot do it alone. A Union can only be as strong as the Brothers and Sisters who work by our sides.

So join us as we continue to strengthen and build on the work of those before us who restored dignity and professionalism to Local 1-2. It’s an amazing adventure-do not be left behind.

Visit our website often and feel free to contact us.

Never forget: APATHY IS LETHAL!